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New GTLD auction proceeds

  • To: comments-new-gtld-auction-proceeds-08sep15@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: New GTLD auction proceeds
  • From: Dietmar Stefitz <djs@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2015 07:06:58 +0100

<html><head><title>New GTLD auction proceeds</title>
<span style=" font-family:'times new roman'; font-size: 12pt; color: 
#333333;">comments-new-gtld-auction-proceeds-08sep15@xxxxxxxxx <br>
<span style=" font-family:'Courier New'; font-size: 9pt; color: #000000;">To 
whom it may concern.<br>
The actual and future new GTLD' auction proceeds should be used to create a 
Foundation, which takes care<br>
of awareness, promotion and education of the Domain Name diversity and DNS in 
general. <br>
This entity should help local organizers in being able to organize regional 
Domain Conferences around the world<br>
and bring the awareness of all Domains, be it newGTLD's, ccTLDs or gTLD's to 
the public in general.<br>
There can be made sector specific events, for example the users of Domains, 
Journalists, educators.<br>
Marketing material for new GTLD opportunities in the business community could 
be prepared and used for anyone interested.<br>
This will be a self supporting mechanism, because awareness results in more 
registrations and therefor in more revenues in the future for everyone.<br>
I also would take into consideration the actual system of Sponsorship of the 
Big ICANN Conferences, as this system pours away mostly the complete marketing 
budget of actual Sponsors, which leaves nothing for local organizers. 
&nbsp;Taking into consideration the figures, in this case a general ICANN 
Conference costs 3,2 million USD, whereas a local event can be hold for 10.000 
USD or less. I think that the governments or their local sectorial agencies, 
like Tourism, Investment, etc.of the assigned countries should be the Sponsors 
of this ICANN events. The Remote participation system should be a lot better 
funded and promoted, nobody can and set-up promote a local hub with the proper 
technology for a few hundred dollars, which are now available for this. These 
could be integrated in the Fund.Project .<br>
As I am organizing since 10 years events in Spain I have the experience, that 
many Ideas about the use of Domains are born at these events, and at every 
event we get a little bit more awareness from the outside world due to our 
constant effort in Press-Releases and Social Media announcements. <br>
This Foundation can invest in training the trainers and prepare the educational 
and promotional material for Domain Ambassadors, which participate in the Local 
and regional media and know what they talk about, when talking about Domains. 
The foundation can also promote new Domain ADD-ONS, which makes Domains a 
diversity, gives security, which would be easy to use and therefore allow new 
sectors as Domain registrants. Thinking in this case also of the use in the 
smart environments (smart cities, smart people, smart products )and the M2M 
markets of the future. <br>
A special case could be made in organizing events in developing countries or 
regions, but with the partnership of speakers and mentors from developed 
nations. <br>
The Foundation would also be supporting academic institutions, be it business 
or law schools, e-commerce masters, engineering schools, and can introduce case 
studies of new TLD opportunities.<br>
Maybe some part of the proceeds should go into the promotion through awards 
or/and funding of Start-ups which have their main subject in Domains as 
I would also point out, that the use of this funds should not be restricted 
only to newGTLD's but for all TLD's, because with the arrival of the newGTLD's 
TLD's and ccTLD's have to spend even more in there awareness programs, and IMHO 
we don't have to care which Extension a Domain registrant will use. Important 
is they register many of them !<br>
<span style=" font-family:'arial'; font-size: 8pt; color: #c0c0c0;"><i>-- <br>
</i><span style=" font-family:'Courier New'; font-size: 9pt; color: 
Dietmar Stefitz<br>
Skype: dietmar07<br>

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