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Whois privacy

  • To: "comments-ppsai-initial-05may15@xxxxxxxxx" <comments-ppsai-initial-05may15@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Whois privacy
  • From: No Name <edtaborek@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 4 Jul 2015 21:20:37 +0000 (UTC)

Privacy on the web is extremely important to me. When theweb was in its infancy 
I had my private information available for all to see. That was a hugemistake. 
I had people calling me at all hours of the day and night disrupting my family 
for no good reasonother than, because they can. Somehow they got the idea that 
they can use my personalinformation for their own ends. I am sure you must have 
some reason to changethe requirements for privacy, but it cannot possibly 
outweigh the damage itwill cause. I speak from experience. I hope you realize 
that the moreinformation that you readily give hackers is another opening that 
they canexploit. You seem to be willing to jeopardize all small business owners 
for novalid reason. Spam is so rampant in my email that my best defense is to 
just deleteanything that is addressed incorrectly, it will be a lot harder to 
control theincoming spam if the spammers have my true name. I get hundreds of 
spammessages daily and some are believable enough that I must open them, i.e. 
Ebay,Apple and even the IRS! With the correct name attached to them they can 
cause areal threat to national security and can spread Virus quickly. It is 
obviousthat there are no security precautions that are effective against a 
persistentweb attack. My businesses have been hacked several times already but 
I had thegood sense to keep customer information separate from web access. 
Aninvestigation as to the origin traced them to personal computers in Russia, 
andthen everyone threw up their hands and said that it was a dead end. Now 
youwant to post my personal information so that it is readily accessible to 
theworld, that is completely unacceptable. You are willing to compromise 
millionsof identities for some misguided idea that will ultimately cause more 
harm thangood. Do not allow computers from Russia, China, North Korea, Nigeria 
to accessnetworks outside of their own countries. In your ivory towers the web 
seemssanitary except for the few con artists that work the net. But I have a 
tough,gritty perspective,  that has beendeveloped over the years, from my view 
most people on the net are harmless butthere are a small percentage that are 
evil and will bring havoc to my life ifallowed to. Even children today are much 
more skilled than I am and present adanger to merchants everywhere. Where can 
we go for real protection withoutpaying exorbitant fees?I find the idea of 
being exposed on the internet veryunsettling and amounts to a threat to my 
livelihood. Please send me your name,phone number, address and email address so 
we can discuss this further at myconvenience.

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