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Disclosure of Whois information should only be made upon a court order ::

  • To: <comments-ppsai-initial-05may15@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Disclosure of Whois information should only be made upon a court order ::
  • From: Shahed Ahmmed <message@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 06 Jul 2015 16:50:27 +0000

Regarding the proposed rules governing companies that provide WHOIS
privacy services (as set forth in the Privacy and Policy Services
Accreditation Issues Policy document):

I urge you to respect internet users' rights to privacy and due
process. Please let me explain why WHOIS Guard is required, from my
personal perspective.

-- The principal reason is the home address. I have a small blog, but
why do I have to put my home address on the whole world just because I
run a blog on a domain? Why do I have to open the door of harassment
just because I have a website?

-- If people know my home address, they can physically do almost
anything if they do not like my website. Especially in my country
Bangladesh, there is a tradition of killing the blog author if some
group just do not like what the blogger said. For example, one
blogger, Avijit Roy, was murdered recently because some Islamic
activists did not like his blog. See:

-- How do you define whether a site is commercial or not? I am
planning of placing adds on my blog, but not selling anything.
Thereby, how can you classify whether it is a commercial or personal
site? Putting adds on a website does not make it a commercial site,
unless it sells something.

-- And even if it is a commercial site, it may need privacy. Yes, l
know that big commercial firms do not need Whois protection. But what
about small business owners? Some of them definitely need this
protection. For example, if I sell my books from my own website that
also hosts my bolg, do I have to disclose my home address?

-- Besides, I use Whois privacy because otherwise spammers will know
my personal email address, and I have to spent substantial amount of
time and energy every day to find out which mail is spam and which is
not. As I mentioned, I have to do this checkup in my inbox on a
regular basis.

As you see, if you prevent domain owners from using WhoisGuard
protection, it will create more problem than that it will solve.

Shahed Ahmmed

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