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The .coop Renewal - why sponsored?

  • To: coop-renewal@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: The .coop Renewal - why sponsored?
  • From: "Matthias Jungbauer" <matjung@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2006 18:07:37 +0100

Hello ICANN,

The .coop Renewal - why sponsored?

I would like to take this opportunity and post a comment about .coop

From what I see at


I just don't understand why this top level domain requires sponsorship ???

.edu, .org, .com or .biz are operated without a sponsor.

The way .coop is operated; its nothing special. Just a TLD.


To ensure the integrity of the cooperative name and to maintain consumer trust, it was proposed that the new .coop TLD be restricted for use by only bona fide cooperatives and cooperative service organizations that ascribe to the Cooperative Principles of the ICA, such as member ownership and control.

why .coop?
Co-operatives around the world can benefit from using a .coop domain name. Whether you have a web site or not or whether your cooperative is large or small, .coop provides many benefits to co-operatives. These are some of the reasons that organizations have bought .coop domain names. Which one works for you?


Ectracted from http://www.nic.coop/about.asp on 15-Jan-2006.

When you have a look at

What is your first impression?

How many of these newly available domains are filled with content?
How many domains are just parking, waiting for a buyer?

How does.coop differ from .com, .org, .edu, .info or .ws ?

One goal of dotCoop was to preserve the integrity of their namespace.
How successful are they in doing it?

I would like to propose to deny renewal for the sponsored TLD .coop.
and transfer the TLD into the generic spectrum of TLD.
Alternatively I would suggest to change the sponsor of this TLD.

Best Regards

Matthias Jungbauer

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