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  • Date: Mon, 10 May 2010 19:18:54 -0500

Dear Members of the ICANN,

I express no opinion on whether ICANN 
should adopt the minority Dissent 
which found that ICM failed to meet 
the sponsorship criteria for a TLD or 
should move ICM's Application forward 
and deny it later. At whatever 
procedural stage, now or later, 
ICANN's decision has a plain and wide-
reaching consequence.

Currently, pornography on the Internet 
is generally acknowledged to be 
illegitimate and a public nuisance. 
However, if you members of ICANN 
authorize creation of a .xxx domain, 
your stance toward pornography 
switches from merely putting up with 
an unavoidable nuisance and instead 
you officially make a place for it as 
if it belongs on the Internet.

Creating the .xxx domain will announce 
that "the powers that be" think 
pornography is acceptable. If ICANN 
treats pornography as a proper 
presence on the Internet, that will 
soothe some consumers' consciences, 
and make producers bolder in marketing 
their filth. 

At present, ICANN is like a judge who 
knows pornography is freely accessible 
to sexual predators and to children 
alike, but is powerless to stop the 
flow. But if you create a .xxx 
domain, then you lend pornography 

Furthermore, the dedicated domain will 
assist the porn industry to make even 
more money. 

Be either the lapdog of pornographers 
or the protectors of the public. The 
choice is too plain to dodge. 

I certainly support denial of ICM's 
Application for creation of a .xxx 


George Whitten Jr.


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