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Re: [pdp-pcceg-feb06] statement of interest update for Marilyn Cade, gNSO Councilor/rep to PDP-FEB06

  • To: Mawaki Chango <ki_chango@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: [pdp-pcceg-feb06] statement of interest update for Marilyn Cade, gNSO Councilor/rep to PDP-FEB06
  • From: Liz Williams <liz.williams@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2006 05:41:15 +0200


I hope I can answer some of your questions.
The procedures for running a taskforce are set out in the ICANN Bylaws and you can find those in the Taskforce Guidelines found at http://www.icann.org/general/archive-bylaws/ bylaws-08apr05.htm#AnnexA. These guidelines are used to run any taskforce.

The ICANN Staff manager is responsible (in this case me) for producing the documents that support the Taskforce, in conjunction with the GNSO Secretariat who sets up all the meetings, records the teleconferences and supports the Taskforce from an administrative perspective.

Kind regards and do come back to me if you have further questions prior to Wednesday morning.



Liz Williams
Senior Policy Counselor
ICANN - Brussels
+32 2 234 7874 tel
+32 2 234 7848 fax
+32 497 07 4243 mob

On 27 Mar 2006, at 05:17, Mawaki Chango wrote:

Dear all:

First of all (I may not be aware of the procedures here, but you'll
tell me), do we have a structure for the bureau that will conduct the
work of the TF, or is it up to Marilyn to design the structure (she
first suggested herself as co-/vice chair)? I think we need to know
what are the positions to fill before nominating people.

Second, whether Marilyn addresses David's concerns or not, we know
enough to see that her profile is too much and tightly interwoven
with versatile business/commercial interests that may at any given
time interfere with the business we are dealing with here, and which
though _legitimate_, makes it difficult for me to expect from her or
anyone in her shoes to be neutral and fairly balanced as a chair
should reasonably be. Thus, I oppose her (self-)nomination, either as
chair or co-/vice chair or whatever on the bureau. I think we have
enough capable people in the TF that are consensual enough to spare
ourselves lenghty debates on this.
Thank you,

P.S. May be calling in late to the first TF meeting, have to see a
doctor an hour before the time scheduled for the meeting so I'm
sending this for my position to be known if you had to make any
decision before I join in.

--- "David W. Maher" <dmaher@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear Marilyn:
I appreciate the fact that you are making an
effort to provide an updated statement of
interest with respect to the activities of the GNSO and the
However, the statement below suffers from the
same serious deficiencies as the previous
statement. Every other person who has submitted a
statement has identified specific employers,
clients or other entities represented.  A general
statement of the concerns and policy issues of
your clients does not inform us of your
interests. I believe that you owe us a statement
of the names of your clients, including the identification of:
" the independent external dispute process
involving eligibility for registration of domain
names, .... [the] mid sized and multinational
corporation.... [and the] global association that
is focused on VoIP and IP networking policies."
Also, I believe that you should specifically
identify all "business and professional
conferences" from which you receive remuneration.

At 11:51 PM 3/25/2006, Marilyn Cade wrote:
Dear Colleagues

Attached is my updated "statement of interest". Sorry, Glen, to
be late.

Marilyn --------------------------------------------------------------

Marilyn Cade

I am an elected officer of and councilor to the gNSO Council from
Commercial and Business Users Constituency (BC).

After an extensive career in an executive position in AT&T, I have
and manage a consulting business that is primarily focused on
Governance and convergence issues involving Internet
infrastructure and
applications. The primary services provided are advice,
advocacy/representation, and management and coordination of policy
development, involving diverse groups and competing interests.

My business is focused at the nexus of global policy and
convergence. The topics I address include, but are not limited to:
Governance, VoIP, IP-TV, Data Retention, Internet intermediary
SPAM, ICANN, and cyber security in IP networks. Specific
activities of the
business at this time are the external coordination of an
external dispute process involving eligibility for registration of
names, representation and advice to both a mid sized and
corporation on most of the topics mentioned above. I also advise a
association that is focused on VoIP and IP networking policies.

Other activities include acting as chair of the Global Public
Committee at ITAA; I frequently represent the association?s
official policy
positions. I also convene and coordinate various industry events
meetings on a variety of topics, primarily focused on working with
to advocate policy positions to various governments and multi
organizations, including the OECD, ITU, CITEL, and APEC. I speak
as an expert at business and professional conferences that are
held both in
the US and in other countries. In both of these activities, I am
remunerated for participation. Such remuneration does not in any
way make
such entities clients, nor imply client obligations.

The clients of my business are concerned about the security and
stability of
the Internet, and are strong advocates of ICANN?s role in managing
coordinating the technical aspects of the Internet.

I do not believe that I have conflicts of interest with ICANN.

From time to time, I may have clients who have a direct policy
interest in a
particular policy area that is, or could be active at ICANN. At
two clients that I advise have an interest in reserved names in
gTLDs. I
have disclosed that to the gNSO Council, and to the Business
and in public statements in the ICANN?s public forum and to the
ICANN senior

As the clients of my business and their interests change, I will
continue to
update my statement of interest.

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[To: pdp-pcceg-feb06[at]gnso.icann.org]

Dear All,

Please find attached a revised document that contains an updated
proposed agenda, and an updated  list of Taskforce Members and
statements of interest

Thank you.
Kind regards,
Glen de Saint Gé²¹
GNSO Secretariat - ICANN

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