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Is THIS why the USA should control the Internet?

  • To: <settlement-comments@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Is THIS why the USA should control the Internet?
  • From: "Marty R. Milette" <mmilette@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2005 15:45:41 -0000

I wonder exactly who in ICANN is in Verisign's pocket? 

With the USA in control, THIS is exactly the kind of blackmail and fraud
scheme that is made possible.

With billions of dollars at stake, some American companies will stop at
nothing to take not just a slice, but the WHOLE pie.

Verisign (through Network Solutions) has already blackmailed thousands of
domain holders with their shady domain release policy, domain 'snap-back'
scam and rediculous pricing for long enough! 

I'm sure they still yearn for the days of $35 for 2 year domain
registrations, but we (the people who PAY for domain registrations and to
run the Internet) won't stand for it!

What "Value-Add" does Verisign offer? NOTHING. This is a cash grab, pure and
simple. The only question is whether or not it can be stopped in time. My
vote is to give control of the Internet to an INTERNATIONAL BODY -- one that
can't be bought or sold like private US-based companies.

Next time any of you see these Verisign bastards driving around in their
half-million dollar sports cars to their 2 million dollar homes -- take
great pleasure in running them off the road. Zombie owners unite to launch
the biggest DDOS attack against Verisign that the world has ever seen. Maybe
they'll get the clue.


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