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Bow Down To Our God Verisign - And Then Get Kicked In The Teeth

  • To: settlement-comments@xxxxxxxxx, cguterriez@xxxxxxx, mgallagher@xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Bow Down To Our God Verisign - And Then Get Kicked In The Teeth
  • From: Hostmaster <hostmaster@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2005 09:26:43 +1000

TO :   ICANN - settlement-comments@xxxxxxxxx
TO :   US Department Of Commerce (Carlos Guterriez) - cguterriez@xxxxxxx
TO :   US NTIA (Assistant Secretary) - mgallagher@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Dear Sir / Madam,

I was asked to provide my opinion and comments to you on the current Verisign - ICANN proposed settlement which will end the current litigation proceedings between the two entities.

Verisign, a multi national "privatized" company, has simply put the pressure on ICANN to come to this ridiculous proposed settlement. It is well known that Network Solutions is owned by Verisign and is a key player within the .com network space, whilst Verisign is the .com operator. I do not understand how Verisign can possibly have any type of power to enforce a 7% yearly hike on domain name registrations. Perhaps you can explain to me exactly why Verisign holds this power? Did all of the internet providers get together and elect Versign as our "god"? If so, I obviously didn't receive my invitation.

In addition to the 7% yearly hike, the proposal also suggests the current ICANN registrar fees will be doubled! What possibly justification do you have to offer in regard to this? Does ICANN actually do anything? I was under the assumption that they wrote a few legal documents every year and on occasion would send an accredited registrar an invoice to pay. Perhaps im wrong.

So lets get a few things clear :

10 or so years ago Network Solutions (Verisign) was the only supplier of .com domain names and had the monopoly.

A few years after that companies such as register.com and myself tapped into the domain name business - no more monopoly.

A couple more years later Network Solutions (Verisign) started to lose a considerable amount of revenue - due to the massive amount for domain resellers utilising the newly de-regulated shared registry system.

Now - Verisign have this magical power to pressure Government departments into doubling the price of our fees and adding 7% every year in order to line their pockets in gold - because they are upset. This way Network Solutions (Verisign) dosn't need to worry about losing so many customers every year (due to offering massively overpriced services and a hint of greed).

You have to be realistic! Verisign is the .com operator. Network Solutions sells domain names. Network Solutions is owned by Verisign. Verisign are the ones who get paid by ICANN. Overall - Verisign get more money whilst still being able to promote their crappy overpriced domain company. Oh yay! I like monopoly.

I have never heard of such a ridiculous proposal. How about the .com space is operated by an entity that can't profit from these changes? Surely there is a conflict of interests?

Since you asked me for my opinion I have provided it. Im sorry it's not what you probably wanted to hear.... Im sure the proposal will be successful and we'll just have to sit back and cop the pain of paying Verisign more money and increasing our prices by 7% each year to cover costs - however, im sure there is such a thing as carma. Think about that the next time something tragic happens in your life.

As for Verisign - someone there is definately smoking to much pot - your dillusional. It's the only thing that I can think of that would prompt such stupidity.

Zane Lucas

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