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ICANN, Verisign Proposed Settlement is very unsatisfactory.

  • To: <settlement-comments@xxxxxxxxx>, <cgutierrez@xxxxxxx>, <mgallagher@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: ICANN, Verisign Proposed Settlement is very unsatisfactory.
  • From: Matthew Crawford <mycrom@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2005 20:07:24 -0500


The proposed settlement between Verisign and ICANN is not only unacceptable
but goes against everything that the internet was founded on and will hinder
its growth and business of the community of millions.

As we all know that Internet's most basic manner of control and distribution
is the DNS systems with such domain ".com" being the foundation of primary
domains. Allowing any for-profit company such expanded control over this
primary TLD creates a rift that will help shape and prove the point that
other countries are already indicating in that more leadership must be

With Verisign the ability to continue to raise the price of domain names at
7% each year will greatly impact business such as mine where we will have to
either raise prices or loose even more money in the slim gap of money made
on our domain name registrations. Verisign / Network Solutions will be able
to then effectively hold a monopoly on registration while they can still
operate at the same cost margins.

This agreement will make it very difficult to remove the .com registry from
Verisign ensuring Verisign's monopoly on the primary domain market. There
will be absolutely no incentive for them as a business to improve their
level of service or do what is in the public's best interest. As a company
they have already proven to be ruthless in doing what they think they can
get away (wildcard domain NX is an example) and with this agreement the
leash will be removed to basically have free roam removing any
accountability as the major consequence is now gone.

Mycrom Systems LLC and its customers that include over 1200 domain names
will directly be impacted by these changes and on behalf of myself and my
customers request that this proposal be heavily reviewed and not allowed to
pass in such a anti-consumer form.


Matthew Crawford
CEO and Owner
Mycrom Systems LLC

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