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Proposed ICANN, Verisign settlement

  • To: settlement-comments@xxxxxxxxx, cgutierrez@xxxxxxx, mgallagher@xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Proposed ICANN, Verisign settlement
  • From: "Michael A. Alderete" <alderete@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2005 22:41:28 -0800

I am just curious which one of you is a retard. (I know it's not VeriSign,
because you're getting it all your way.)

I am very disappointed with the current terms of the settlement between
ICANN and VeriSign regarding control of the .com domain system. It is
clearly detrimental to my interests, as the owner of multiple .com domains,
and the manager of a .com registration business.

* I'm extremely upset that Verisign is allowed to raise prices on a service
which has no increasing costs. -- This is going to cost me money, I can
just see the invoices now.

* I'm very concerned about the doubling of prices which accredited
registrars must pay to ICANN -- on what cost basis is this justified?

* I'm even more concerned that the cancellation terms for accredited
registrars is so difficult to actually, in reality (are you all there, in
reality, or are you in a fantasy life?), implement. This means Verisign,
which is not renown for it's customer focus (at least, customer as defined
by domain owners or registrars) or service orientation. This means they
have no incentive to actually be service-oriented, or improve their ways in
any way.

Just making my views as a customer and constituent known.

Michael A. Alderete             <mailto:alderete@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Principal                            <http://www.aldosoft.com>
Aldosoft                               tel: +1 (415) 861-5758

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