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Issue is who/how .com is controled NOT who controls the net.

  • To: settlement-comments@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Issue is who/how .com is controled NOT who controls the net.
  • From: Verisign Blows <verisignblows@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 14:37:37 -0800 (PST)

The issue is who controls .com, for how long, what
they do with this public utility not who controls the
internet or gas prices for that matter. Did you all
crawl out from under the same rock?

In this case Verisign gets perpetual power to do the

Ability to add "services" such as SiteFinder. Which
contrary to what they would like you to believe only
benefits them financially. To the tune of billions of
dollars a year and at additional cost to the very
public which it suppose to serve. The pages will be
filled with paid links if you don't understand the

Ability to add WLS/CLS. Which reagrdeless of how they
want you to think is nothing but a monopoly of the
expired domain market. Which again stands to make them
hundreds of millions if not billions more revenue.
Again at the cost of those it's suppose to be serving.
There will be no first come first serve. It will be
who has the bigger wallet.

Ability to collect and sell traffic data.

And in addition to all of those financial windfalls
which are likely to be the largest known to mankind.
They get to add a poultry 7% to domain sale so they
can come up with more ideas of how to make money off
of you the end user.

If Verisign truely had the publics interest in mind
and concerned with innovarion and stability of the
internet over the stability in their VRSN stock price.
Then may I ask why it took them so long to move to the
rapid updating of the DNS when other registry
operators were doing it looong before them. You would
think with all of the cash rolling in and being the
innovative, concerned folks that they are it would
have been done BEFORE the others. Not the last to do

If they have our best interest in mind  then why are
we seeing numbers like this every day. Is resistrars
"tasting" hundreds of thousands if not millions of
domains a day in the interest of the stability of the
interenet or VRSN? 

Domain Counts
Daily Changes (last 24hrs)       
Active          New      Deleted         
45,217,849     936,391    283,772       .COM


While you're at it if you will ask them why my
registrar is allowed to keep names I let expired "in
my name" and earn parking revenue from them.

All of this in our best interest. If this deal goes
through forget investing in the internet. Invest in
VRSN. Lord knows their profits will rival that of all
the oil companies combined.


Mr. V. Blows

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