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ICANN - Verisign Agreement. Earn-Easy-Money-Plot.

  • To: <settlement-comments@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: ICANN - Verisign Agreement. Earn-Easy-Money-Plot.
  • From: <pcb007@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2005 17:06:10 +0530

Dear Members.
It is really shocking to learn that Internet, which is breaking the
barriers across the world, and uniting the people of every diversity,
is shamelessly being traded for vested interest. 
I strongly disapprove the agreement for:
1.    If ICANN can not do the job efficiently, how shall Verisign do it
alone? Why not include institutions or people from other parts of the
world who are equally qualified if not more, able to do it and without
the hidden agenda of making cheap money. 
2.    In the name of competiton, why only Verisign should benefit with
almost monopoly rights? Let others be part of it.
If Food-for-Oil program was no good since it benefited the friends of
Iraq, how different is this agreement?
3.    How can ICANN propose to sign agreement with Verisign? and, with
whose money? Everywhere around the world prices for domain names and web
services are reducing. There is no reason for ICANN to grant an increase
of 7% every year in the prices. Any increase in prices will be borne by
the people poor or rich. Internet for millions of people in many
countries in the Rest of the world is an effective means of getting
information, sustaining and enriching one's life. 
4.    ICANN itself has stated publicly that it is more likely to win the
lawsuit than lose it. There is no reason for it to sell out the Internet
to settle this litigation when there is a greater chance of it winning
the lawsuit anyways. It is VeriSign today, NewSign tomorow. This will
open up a series of lawsuits, as there is no dearh of people without

5.    The outcome does not provide benefits to the Internet community
that both ICANN and Verisign were intended to serve. It only serves the
interest of Verisign of earning million of dollars with just a lawsuit.

6.    This is a business plot master-minded by business and polical
mafias. Their intentions are ill. 


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