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The Verisign Settlement Fiasco

  • To: <settlement-comments@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: The Verisign Settlement Fiasco
  • From: "Denver Hunter" <denver@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2005 18:34:44 -0500


I'm contacting you in regards to your proposed settlement with Verisign. I am 
very dissappointed in this situation and I have lost a lot of faith in ICANN 
because of this. Your move would give a virtual monopoly to Verisign and 
greatly upset a system that has worked so well so far. This completely goes 
against the ideals of the internet. Prices will most certainly rise and you'll 
turn a lot of people away from what could otherwise be a booming business. You 
have a chance of creating the greatest online industry ever known to man and 
you're about to hand it all over to a company known for their greed. Prices 
rising at 7% a year are utterly absurd! Especially when a single company will 
profit from it!

This comes from a guy who fought tooth and nail against others who thought that 
the root internet nameservers should be handed over to the UN or another 
international organzation. However, at this point, I'm on the verge of 
rethinking that position because of this shameful deal. As an organzation, you 
have lost a lot of respect in my eyes and I now question if you should have the 
power that you do because you are just about to prove that you should not.

I hope that you find it in yourselves to reconsider this deal. Once word of 
this deal gets out if it holds, you'll most certainly reap the rewards of your 
work. I can assure you that you'll lose respect from more than just myself. I 
truly hope that you can step up to the plate and say no. I think your future 
for your current position is in doubt if you do not.

Thank you for your time in this matter.

Denver T. Hunter

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