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Common Sense Reason for Rejecting The Settlement Agreement

  • To: settlement-comments@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Common Sense Reason for Rejecting The Settlement Agreement
  • From: Tim Adkins <timzadkins@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 17:12:07 -0800 (PST)

February 24, 2006

To the ICANN Board of Directors

Re: The Proposed Verisign Settlement and .COM


On behalf of consumers registering .com domain names:

There are many reasons why this settlement agreement should be rejected but the 
common sense reason is that ICANN will be trading one lawsuit for another.
Consumers also resent the fact that they are being sold out by ICANN in order 
for ICANN to settle their law suit. Consumers are tired of being the ?coin of 
the realm? victims sold out to predatory, anti-competive monopolistic companies 
by politicians and other such as ICANN.  Why not officially change your name to 
ICANN?T since you can?t do a good job of doing what is in the best interest for 
the Internet, small businesses and consumers. 
Should this settlement be passed, there should be at least two lawsuits filed 
against both ICANN and Verisign. One by the Registrars and the other a 
class-action suit by .com consumers. In addition, the DOJ should go after 
Verisign for antitrust violations. And ICANN should be disbanded and replaced. 
So, those that vote to approve this settlement need to ask themselves if they 
are trading one law suite for two or more lawsuits.
The Congress and Senate need to hear from their constituents and action needs 
to be taken to stop a corporation from stealing what belongs to the public. 
This is anti-competitive, anti-American and maybe it is time that politicians 
start fighting for freedom and democracy here at home for once.
If this passes, ICANN will also lose all credibility and respect. All eyes will 
see that ICAAN is not fairly refereeing this game for all to play on an even 
field. The only group happy to see this agreement approved other than Verisign 
and their cronies is the Tijuana Police Department because finally there will 
be an entity that is seen as more corrupt than they are. And that entity is 

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