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Where in the World is .Travel?

  • To: stld-rfp-travel@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Where in the World is .Travel?
  • From: "aric salois" <ezdottravel@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 20:57:36 +0000

In rencent note to Dan's Thread, this is actually a "very controverisal" round of applications.

In recent phone calls to both New.Net and Mr. Ron Andruff of the Tralliance Corporaration (i.e. .Travel Applicant). Many controversial items were "brought forth to the table" and the answers were not very clear.

On the phone to Mr. Andruff, we spoke of his corporations intentions and thoughts and idea's pertaining to the .Travel file exstension. Mr. Andruff stated that "no reserve names, cities, states, countries, or common names" would be allowed into there directory! To try and lay some understanding on this, how can names like Motel.Travel be considered to be common names and not be allowed into there so-called "directory".

Which this brings me to my next point, names like these have already been purchased through New.Net and other affiliated companies how can they make people and companies that have purchased these domain names already with the .Travel exstension that have spent thousands of dollars and invested much time and money into purchasing, creating, marketing these sites with these domain names not be allowed into there directory, who will own these?

Will there be some sort of "Grandfather Clause" initaiated should there application for the .Travel exstension go through, or will these companies be "kicked to the curb"? Many lawsuits later, I would fee there choice for the .Travel exstension would not be a great idea without keeping New.Net's previous application in mind!

When speaking with Mr. Andruff he also stated that "in the near future his company would be working with New.Net in some form or fashion about the people that have already purchased these domain names with this extension".

This is a direct quote from a recent e-mail that I had received from Mr. Andruff: "Thank you for your inquiry. In response to your question, we will be releasing a name selection FAQ as soon as we have an approval for ".travel" from the independent evaluators, so I really can't go into too much detail here as a result of that parameter. Let's hope that we can release the FAQ in the May / June time period, which would give you plenty of time to sort out which of your new.net names would be eligible prior to our anticipated October 1st Start-up Registration Period. Suffice it to say, that your understanding (noted below) regarding common names, states, cities, etc. is correct."

So knowing that Mr.Andruff and his corporation and New.Net have some knowledge and awareness that there is an issue here with names that people and corporations have purchased, from New.Net, then ICANN should hopefully take into account that there are others out here that have spent thousands of dollars and time and heart into .Travel domain names already, that they will make a decision to grandfather in the names that were already purchased.

One more note, let's just ask ourselves how Motel.Com and Hotels.Com can exist, why can't an avid investor own Motel.Travel as long as it pertains to the guidlines that Mr. Adruff and the Tralliance Corp. have come up with and since they are a part of the Hotel and Hospitality Industry then they should be allowed into the "directory" regardless of who owns it or how common of a name it really is.........................

New Travel Domains

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