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Comments from a cyberspace realestate holder...

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  • Subject: Comments from a cyberspace realestate holder...
  • From: "Dave at Branson Show Ticket Delivery" <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 16:22:10 -0500

Regarding the debate of .Travel of old vs .Travel newly proposed
It was the travel industry who (in my opinion) brought the use of the internet into the light of day for the average literate human being.
The use of the Apollo and Sabre systems and the like were the forerunners of the Expedias of today.
The airlines (and the money behind them) were the ones who opened this Pandora's box we call the web. 
I write this letter before having educated myself on the particulars of the debate over using some kind of cyberspace eminent domain to essentially undo what freethinking human beings were intelligent enough to create. IE .Travel.
I must assume that those who propose the claim jumping of the .Travel TLD do so with the expectation of getting some form of help from the authoritative agency or a governing body that is responsible for oversight of said authoritative agency.
Having made this assumption I ask myself what kind of well established precedents would an authoritative agency or its overseers choose to point to as a benchmark for the decisions it must make.
The internet has given birth to many new entrepreneurs just as the land rushes of the American West did for the pioneers of that day. Those that laid claim to property did so with the blessing and encouragement of our federal government.
Those people then formed their own state and local governments under federal law.
Even though the territorial governors came and went. Even though the borders changed for political or other reasons, the integrity of the rights to the land held by those who were daring, cunning, and forward thinking enough was not to be trampled.
The freedom to hold those rights and protect them meant the difference between working as a share cropper or working toward a self sufficient and individually responsible way of life. 
I own rights to a few .Travel domains. To have the rights ripped away from me would make me feel like our country had been invaded and overtaken by foreign robber barons who practice vertical integration, controlling not only the supply and sale of the final product but also the raw resources.
If instead of an American example of right and wrong, a socialist example of right and wrong is used, then the authoritative agency and its overseers must face publicly the wrath of those who will accuse them of catering to those who claim to be the exclusive right holders to the detriment of all others.
If however the "new governor" acknowledges my rights under a "new deal", and I am able to retain said rights and my domains are brought along as fully vested members of a new community, I am willing to continue to plow my fields, plant my seeds and reap the benefits of being part of a just and compassionate community. I don't need to lose my rights for a new community to form.
I am a small town alderman who is currently faced with the same kind of question. What is in the best interest of the community?
Who decides that larger tax rolls are better for the community than the protection of the real property rights of the individual tax payer?
I'll tell you... the wealthy.
Its no surprise that this issue has arisen. Travel is the number one revenue generator in the world. The non wealthy do not own shares in the travel industry and to trump the rights of the few who may own .Travel domains would only confirm that the world has an elite class that cares nothing for the entrepreneur. . .
David Willard
Branson Show Ticket Delivery Inc.
Est. 1992

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