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Dot Travel already exists to 175 million users, travel businesses and customers

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  • Subject: Dot Travel already exists to 175 million users, travel businesses and customers
  • From: "Derrick Austin - Super Verticals UK BIZ" <daustin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 18:10:43 +0100
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  • Organization: Super Verticals UK
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::: Dot Travel already exists to 175 million users, travel businesses and customers.



Since the launch of New.net in March 2001, the company maintains a vision to expand the domain name space through an ever continuing amount of partnerships with ISPs (Tiscali, Earthlink, Prodigy, Netzero, Juno) who are a key factor in DNS resolution enabling internet users to resolve New.net's extensions for web and mail access, one that is now a stable and profitable venture, something that few internet companies can claim.


The debate of is a domain extension "real" or "fake" is rather moot for the reason that:


Vint Cerf himself is quoted as having said about New.net's strategy and deployment as being:


"This is a cute trick...It's almost like a sleight of hand.".


The question really is how different is the existing name resolution platform overseen by ICANN that essentially resolves common generic alphanumeric roman characters through any browser address bar to a series IP addresses, the format of which interconnected computers talk to each other?


We all know that one of the most popular Internet portals is known by the common name of "Google.com" but this is just a masquerade for it's real identity one of which resolves ""


The system in operation that exists today is no different "a cute trick", one that many magicians would be equally proud of. The question of real or fake is immaterial in discussion and poorly articulated by the opposition. The discussion of starting your own root is equally moot for the reason that the investment and infrastructure required to operate a viable name space on the magnitude required is one that few can realistically hope to achieve less even imagine.


What is of importance is the resolution and confusion that can occur when and if ICANN introduce a .travel extension that collides with New.net through Tralliance. One of the primary duties of ICANN is to ensure stability within the name space or introduce functionality that would lead to confusion and that can only be done with the co-operation of New.net and a likely formal agreement with Tralliance that can be a conditional term of acceptance and approval.


What makes New.net's existing .travel extension a serious and viable option and one that should not be under-estimated is that registry sites developed around that space over the past 3 years have been and are widely promoted through New.net's Quick! search portal reaching a target audience of approx 175 million internet users satisfying the need of the user base to find relevant information. Businesses and speculators have invested into the registry, in addition to developing and promoting their content around the .travel extension offering services to travel customers in the forms of accommodation, car rentals, flights, related travel services etc. There already exists an overwhelming understanding of what a .travel site can do with existing services online using that space for commercial business. The introduction of a collision, and make no uncertain terms, collision is what it will be by ICANN in contrast to their policy will lead to commercial confusion and likely suits of passing off or loss of business, none of which serves in the best interests of anyone least the end consumer. Breaking the bad faith and goodwill that already exists between thousands of customers and millions of users.


Furthermore, New.net have support within the ICANN community of accredited registrars (RegisterFly, Bulk Register, Easy Space) that have been selling and are continuing to sell .travel domains to tens of thousands of customers world-wide.

The integrity of the sponsored TLD should be maintained in respect of bona fide travel business interest and merely compliments what New.net have already achieved in respect of promoting a relevant directory.
New.net already have a platform that resolves .travel domains and promotes relevant .travel content to hundreds of millions of users, the viability and scale of that achievement cannot be questioned but the introduction of a collision can be and that is the heart of the discussion. At the very least, existing private and commercial registrations should be grandfathered into any new registry and it should not be seen as a concession but of a necessity abiding by the governance of Internet stability and good administrative practice that Tralliance and ICANN should abide by as stated in their respective policies and practice.

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