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Comments from TWNIC (.tw) on Compiled Recommendation of the ccNSO Assistance Group
  • To: <ccnso-comments@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Comments from TWNIC (.tw) on Compiled Recommendation of the ccNSO Assistance Group
  • From: "Vincent WS Chen" <wschen@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 16:26:04 +0800
  • Cc: <ia@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Importance: Normal
  • Organization: twnic
  • Reply-to: <wschen@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Comments from TWNIC (.tw) on Compiled Recommendation of the ccNSO
Assistance Group

The ccNSO Assistance Group has published its recommendation regarding
the new ccNSO under the reformed ICANN structure. Once again TWNIC
appreciates the effort and contribution that the AG has made to the
ccTLD community and would like to make the following comments in views
1. Global Interest
2. A ccTLD Registry
3. An IDN Adopter

1. Global Interest
    1.1 TWNIC is glad to see the formation of the ccNSO and look forward
to participating and contributing to the Organization.
    1.2 TWNIC believes that the ccNSO has an unavoidable mission of
creating a public forum to discuss common concerns and issues of the
ccTLD community, as well as 
           assisting ccTLD registries in developing countries under
reasonable methodology and budget.
    1.3 ICANN sponsored ccTLD registries shall play a bridging role for
a better mutual-understanding working environment between ICANN and the
ccTLD community. 

2. As a ccTLD Registry
    2.1 The ccNSO needs to determine the source of budget for its future
operation in a "lightweight" scale. The future revenue received from
membership fee shall be  
           allocated primarily on: 
           a. the PDP.
           b. Accelerating the level of participation of the ccTLD
           c. Organizing training or promotional programs to assist
ccTLD registry's DN business development.
    2.2 The ccNSO must clarify, in detail, the usage and obligation of
funding from ICANN (to support the ccNSO secretariat operation) as
stated in its FY03-04 budget plan.
    2.3 The ccNSO should welcome participation, fee or no fee, but
Council members of the ccNSO should be the committed members who
recognize the role play of the ccNSO  
           and contribute to its funding. 
    2.4 The ccNSO must reserve rights to review candidates sent by
NomCom for the ccNSO council.
    2.5 The efficiency and diversity of Launching Group of the ccNSO
definitely plays the key role for its future development. Thus the Rio
meeting must determine the selection  
           criteria of the ccNSO Launching Group members. The Rio
meeting must set the benchmark (for operational efficiency of the LG)
and prepare a backup plan (if it doesn't  
            work out) for the ccNSO Launching Group

3. As an IDN Adopter
    3.1 The most concerned issue in many ccTLD is the IDN implementation
in the upcoming future. Every ccTLD has its local Internet linguistic
requirement and is facing  
           numerous complicated issues  (registration policy, dispute
policy, cultural influence, etc.). It lacks the presence of mechanism
for IDN and other DN related issues in the 
           formation of the ccNSO. It is truly necessary to have
appropriate mechanism to include IDN in the ccNSO structure.

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