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Comment ccNSO10 from Taiwan Network Information Center
  • To: <reform-comments@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Comment ccNSO10 from Taiwan Network Information Center
  • From: <chiao@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 2 May 2003 17:56:58 +0800
  • Cc: <ia@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, <wschen@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Importance: High

On behalf of TWNIC, I would like to submit the following comments for your references. TWNIC appreciates that the ERC adopts most of the recommendations produced by the ccNSO AG, and we will be supportive and contribute to the success of the ccNSO.


1.       In "Description" --Can the ERC clarify that why this 22-April-2003 document shall be viewed in the ccNSO's second year of operation?


2.       In "ccNSO Council" --It was resolved in the ccTLD Rio meeting that a "balanced contribution to the membership of the Nominating Committee" if ccNSO accepted 3 council members put forward by the NomCom. However we did not find any statement or commitment here.


3.       In "Transition" Suggested approach stated in the document is inappropriate.  It is "difficult" to have LG setting the rule of council election and then the members of the LG can be elected as the council member. We do not expect that ccTLD managers will accept this method if the election is to be held this way (a close-loop process, one may say). We suggest that the five regional ccTLD organizations, meaning AFTLD, APTLD, CENTR, LACTLD, and NATLD, shall be jointly responsible for the duty of LG. The representatives sent by those organizations (3 from each region) shall not be entitled to stand for election this time. This LG shall also work on ccNSOs membership recruitment. Furthermore, the LG shall open up a discussion forum for formulating the rule of council to ensure that the bottom-up process of the ccTLD community carries on. The funding of the LG can be allocated to those five organizations plus ICANN.




Ching Chiao

Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC)







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