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Username: jmcfadden
Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 5:15 PM GMT
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Subject: .org fair use


                I registered my .org over one year ago.  Currently I
am using
it for
my own personal use.  As it is being presented to me in previous posts
I would not be losing my domain.  However, I would like to reiterate
the comments of those before me and state that it is not right for
ICANN to determine that those currently holding a domain simply don't
fall into their category of "proper" use of the domain.  The .org
domain was opened to all and to close it off and thus cut off some who
have undoubtedly spent thousands if not millions of dollars on their
enterprises is wrong.  Were someone to suggest that a company must
change its name arbitrarily because someone didn't like how it ended,
we would laugh them right off the planet.  If ICANN feels they made a
mistake with the .org domain they should admit it and try to do
better next time.  But a policy change of this magnitude is not right.


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