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Username: paulbristow
Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 5:17 PM GMT
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Subject: Open Source, .com & .org


        One of the very positive things that the internet has enabled over the past few years is the proliferation of the Open-Source community.  Right now there are many thousands of open-source projects which use a .org domain to seperate them from their more commercial cousins.  I myself operate one.  Very few of these are proper "organisations", although all open source software is by definition, non-profit.  At the same time there are now many companies that make money by supporting open source software.  Typically these companies use a .com for their commercial activities and a .org for the open source projects they support.  This system works very well and the majority of the community understand this. 

I would therefore like to propose that, in addition to non-profit organisations, open source projects be allowed to maintain their hold in the .org TLD.  The fact that it is an organisation, a company or an individual makes no difference to the open source nature of any given project, and should therefore make no difference to the ability to have a .org domain. 

Please consider this in your meeting on March 12th.

Paul Bristow


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