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Username: alleycat0
Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 5:21 PM GMT
Browser: Netscape Communicator V4.75 using Windows NT 5.0
Score: 5
Subject: "non-commercial" vs. "non-profit organizations"



Like numerous other netizens, i selected a .org domain for my personal web presence to distinguish myself from a corporate entity.  The current system allows for no alternative.  Your message refers to "non-commercial status", but the proposed changes specifically state that .org will become a domain "for the specific use of non-profit organizations".  I am deeply concerned that my long-established .org presence on the Internet will be disrupted; i will be burdened with the hardship of having to inform numerous entities of the change, there are people who will slip through the cracks who will never be informed of the change (and thus lose track of me), and (as past experience has taught me) it will be at least 6-12 months before popular search engines are updated.


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