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Username: kabir
Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 5:22 PM GMT
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Subject: .org for the unregistered non-profit organizations


                My .org domain(s) are registered in good faith for use with not for profit organizations and ventures, though none of those organizations or ventures are legally constructed non-profits.  Moving to require a legal non-profit status serves only to generate beurocracy, reduce revenue, and generally make miserable the lives of those who registered .org domains in good faith but without legal non-profit status.  Certainly .org has been twisted from it's orgininal purpose, but as many have said already, it's far too late to change that now, and ultimately try to do so only hurts those who have registred .orgs in good faith.  If a non-profit only TLD must exist, then create a new one.  .org is a living TLD and cannot (and should not!) be retroactively modified at such a fundamental level.


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