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Username: imp
Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 5:28 PM GMT
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Subject: What is a non-profit


                        I currently run an unincorporated not for profit entity organized under the laws of colorado.  Under said laws, all I need to do to have legal status as an entity is to represent myself as such.  Such organization is free.  I can also register with the state if I so choose, but the registration is only as a point of contact for summons and other legal matters.  Would this be sufficient for retaining the domain?  It has been sufficient for all other activities we have engaged in, from filing taxes to obtaining a bank account.  We *ARE* an organization not engaged in trying to make a profit.

When we went to register our domain name, we gave much thought to where we should go.  We specifically chose .org because its description matched our organization.  To change it now would cause us a huge amount of hassle.  We have dozens of machines that we'd need to rename, update and reconfigure.  We have many different services that we'd have to retarget (email lists, some web sites, etc).  Many in our organization would have to resubscribe to hundreds of different mailing lists.  In short it would cost us hundreds of hours of labor to migrate to a new domain name.  We have had this domain name for almost 7 years now and very STRONGLY oppose any efforts to "define" it away from us.    


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