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Username: xenophon
Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 5:33 PM GMT
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Subject: Some concerns



I respectfully disagree with the proposal to put in place requirements that force .ORG domain holders to become true non-commercial organizations, and I am very concerned that though ICANN is aware of the concern of individual holders, it will give this significant minority short shrift in the up-coming discussions and decisions.  ICANN has no legal responsibility to represent anyone fairly, and while the voting membership of ICANN may endeavor to represent the individual Domain Name System users with equanimity, their disparate objection will be lost in the face of more organized commercial opposition.

Please, be mindful of the fact that the users of DNS's ".ORG" zone include minorities of one, and that for many of us "ones", procuring the necessary paperwork to prove we are non-commercial entities is too-high a barrier to remain users of the system.  For those that suggest we re-register in some other, more appropriate zone, please consider that the new zone name may already be in use by businesses or domain squatters, with little or no recourse on the behalf of the individuals holding a ".ORG" zone.

It would be better if membership if .ORG was never openned to commercial or potentially-commercial entities, but now that membership is unconstrained, I believe that it is naive to think that the Internet community can go back to the old rules without great difficulty and inconvenience.

Kind regards,
(holder of ECONOMOU.ORG and IRTNOG.ORG, and technical contact for AMERICANCONSERVATORY.EDU)


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