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Username: wesmills
Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 5:38 PM GMT
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Subject: Read your RFCs


     RFC 1591, "Domain Name System Structure and Delegation" says that .ORG is to be used as "the miscellaneous TLD for organizations that didn't fit anywhere else."  Over time, since individuals are usually treated the same as organizations, this has meant that .ORG is open season.  Use it for its original purpose, not so that those who go to the trouble of setting up a non-profit can have a sandbox all their own.

ICANN has taken a lot of heat for pandering to the corporate interests of the world, but individuals have felt mildly content to let them alone, because they haven't messed with the place where a majority of personal domains are.  Now they have done so, or will do so, and no amount of "Don't worry, we'll protect you. *pat on head" will save them from the backlash this will cause.

No.  ICANN will not protect us, nor will there be a level playing field for anyone, because just as we've seen with telecommunications, when you try to make two competitors play nice, or one large company play nice with anyone they don't want to, all opposed will be screwed.  Leave DNS alone.  Go make your own network and screw it up all you like.  ICANN has lost all vestiges of respect in my eyes, and in many others'.  The only reason .ORG is even being looked at right now is because someone probably sat up and said "oh, yeah, what do we do with those random entries in the undesirable TLD?  Let's pawn them off onto some no-name 'non-profit' and kill a lot of them off.  That'll make everyone want to buy our shiny .COMs"


Link: RFC 1591, DNS Structure and Delegation

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