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Username: wytcld
Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 5:38 PM GMT
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Subject: .org domains


        The original RFC's definition of .org for uses that "don't fit in anywhere else" would seem to suggest that what belongs under .org should not be anything that clearly belongs under .com (business operated for profit), .net (network services, although it seems to be an extension of .com now), .edu (eduational) or the country domains. So ruling out commercial enterprises would make the most sense - not restricting it to government-chartered not-for-profits.
If an individual's business should be .com the same as a corporation's, why should an individual's non-profit activities not be an .org the same as a corporation's? This establishes a special requirement - a bar to jump over - to do things for no profit that does not exist when individuals (or partnerships) do things for profit. Are we trying to discourage individual good works in the name
of further corporatizing society?

For example, I provide free hosting and webmastering for, the Jazz Journalists Associations' site. I just like
promoting this end of our culture. But guess what, the Association isn't formally incorporated. So I have to tell them "You have to
pony up the legal expenses for formal incorporation or they're going to take away your well-established domain"?


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