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Username: danieljames
Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 5:39 PM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.0 using Windows 98
Score: 5
Subject: Reversing old bad decisions unecessary and very annoying


I can only second the above posters: registrants were clearly encouraged to assume .org's for personal and other domains. Stripping existing domain name holders is both going to be costly (for me, to change links, stationary etc., and for you: to prove that I and so many others *aren't* non-profits), inconvenient and downright rude.

Why bother? As pointed out, establish a non-profit domain - there's nothing inherent about the (massivley compromised) .org title that indicates anything apart from 'organisation' (and I think of it as 'organism', myself).

Trying to reverse an established situation is incredibly daft, especially when what's obviously needed are more new tld's, and soon.

Daniel (, remove 'pie')


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