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Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 5:48 PM GMT
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Subject: Withdrawl of .org personal domains will cause lawsuits


                        If you grandfather existing .org domains, I don't have a major
problem with this proposal.

If, however, ICANN attempts to force existing .org domain holders
to comply to USA-specific definitions of non-profit corporations,
there will be a serious backlash. And I'll be part of it.

Org has been recommended by IANA as the namespace for personal
domains for some time. is valuable to me, personally,
as I've had  this domain for five years and am widely associated
with it.

I provide a small freenet service to anyone who asks me for access,
and host a number of other .org domains (such as
which is non-profit in operation, albeit not a US-based non-
profit corporation). To remove my right to my own .org domain will
do me considerable professional damage (both to my reputation on
the net -- I'm a journalist -- and by removing my long-standing
contact information). It'd also do damage to this religious
organisation, who I assume wouldn't be happy, either.

I'm afraid if this proposal goes through without any consideration
I will have to ask my lawyer about my options for legal redress
against ICANN. All I know is that I won't be the only one ...





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