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Username: webjedi
Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 5:50 PM GMT
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Subject: enforcing .ORG is both a good thing and a bad thing


        I do have to admit that this discussion hits on a few topics close to home for myself. I own several domains and manage many others, and I've had the chance to work for a legitimate .ORG and several dot-coms. I'm currently embroiled in a battle with another company over a .NET domain I have for doing research work who only has a .ORG permutation of the word before the "dot". They don't own the .COM permutation and probably never will, however my defense against them is somewhat based upon what the original desingations for the .ORG/.NET/.COM TLD were meant for. Granted I understand that with the .COM land rush, it's forced many folks to look to alternative TLDs to build their business around, but I think the domain dispute issue, which a bigger overall-encompassing issue could be helped by re-instituting some enforcemnt on use. Granted I'm sure I'll have to give up my .ORG and tell some of my clients to look for a usable .COM version to replace it, but if the enforcement is uniform, it may be a benefit. I also believe that grandfathering, while persoanlly able to help myself and others keep what they have, is a bad idea to keep inforcement uniform. I remember when you'd fill out the InterNIC registration template before version 4.0 that you were required to give a purpose for the domain. I think re-instituting a purpose field could help weed out legitimate intrests from frivilous ones. (okay, this wasn't meant to be flame bait.. just an opinion)


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