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Username: kodo
Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 6:07 PM GMT (Thu, March 1, 2001 at 1:07 PM EST)
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Subject: VeriSign / NSI should not be allowed to keep .com!


        The purpose of ICANN was to introduce competition into the sale of domain names. Yes, we have all heard the story of what a wonderful job NSI has done in opening up the market. But, it is all a bunch of lies! They still make $6 off the sale of every domain name regardless of who is selling it. This doesn't sound like competition to me... this sounds like job security.

VeriSign should NOT be given unlimited control of ".com" until the following steps are taken:

1) ICANN is given full control of the database and the root servers.
2) Hundreds of new top level domains are in place and being sold by independent registries (like IOD's .web) that are not paying NSI or VeriSign any money at all.
3) The Membership At Large is given the chance to elect the remaining four Board Members that were promised 2 years ago.
4) The squatters on the ICANN Board have resigned their positions.
5) ICANN conducts all meetings in an open and transparent way and there is public input regarding the decisions that are made at such meetings.
6) Expired domain names that are being "held ransom" by NSI and auctioned off on their site "" must be put back into the pool and be available to purchase again at base cost ($35 each).

Network Solutions (now owned by VeriSign) has held a monopoly on the domain name market since 1992. They should be completely barred from profitting from the sale or resale of domains in any way shape or form. Until they relinquish FULL control of the database and become just another registrar (like all the "competition") they have a completely unfair advantage. They control the database, they sell the domains and they even resell the domain names! This is a monopoly and completely unfair for small companies who wish to compete in this field.

Not only should Network Solutions (aka VeriSign) be barred from making a profit in this field - they should be investigated by Congress for serious violations. Recently it has come to light that they are selling personal information that they obtain through the administration of their whois database. This greatly affects people who run small businesses from their home. Their home address, phone number and name are being sold by VeriSign for a profit! This is a severe violation of personal privacy! No other registrar in the market has the unfair advantage that VeriSign has.

Until the 6 points that I listed above are met - VeriSign should not be given anything! We should stick to the original deal from 1998.



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