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Username: tapir
Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 6:08 PM GMT
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Subject: Leave .org alone!


        Millions of .org names have been registered,  supporting
hundreds of thousands of web sites that people have spent millions of
hours developing.  These sites provide information and entertainment
to millions of web users.  It would be insane to take .org domains
away from their current holders.

Or rather,  I guess it just makes sense.  The global corporations
wrecked our environment.  The global corporations wrecked our economy.
They got away with it because they control the news media and control
the agenda of government.  If we'd had more free speech,  we might
have had a saner society that wouldn't be trying to kill us with
global warming or steal people's retirment savings with the stock
market.  But we'd rather not solve our problems, we'd rather kill the
messenger -- and take away people's free speech. Sometimes I
feel the walls closing in and I wonder if we're heading for something
like Nazi Germany.

I'll warn ICANN and Verisign that the holders of .org domains aren't
going to take this lightly -- they'll use any means necessary so that
their right to free speech isn't taken away.  Look at what happened to
Etoys (see attached link...) it can happen to ICANN and Verisign.



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