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Username: dmandell
Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 6:20 PM GMT
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Subject: Disappointed


        I'd just like to formerly express my disappointment with ICANN if they do indeed intend to remove .org domains from everyone not running a registered non-profit.  Like many others, I registered my domain in the .org tld because it was the recommended location for individuals seeking a domain. 

In addition a quote from RFC1591

ORG - This domain is intended as the miscellaneous TLD for
         organizations that didn't fit anywhere else.  Some non-
         government organizations may fit here.

and a link to it:

I understand them wanting to remove commercial corporations from the .org tld (though I don't necessarily agree with the decision the RFC indicates they souldn't be there), but I think individual sites that are for personal use only should at the very least be grandfathered in.



Link: text of RFC 1591

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