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Username: rudelove
Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 6:32 PM GMT
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Subject: Can you say, "gestapo tactics"?


        More and more in the early days of the 21st century we're seeing the line drawn.  On one side the mega-corps, on the other side - logic.  Did I say that out loud? 

Regardless of what happens to .org, this is all just another play by an organization in a self-appointed seat of power deciding that the right thing to do is bring in more profits in the short-term, completely ignoring the long-term ramifications of their actions, or the amount of unrest they will create in doing so, and the amount of useability that will be lost for the internet until someone steps in and takes action to reverse or work-around these decisions.

Hey ICANN - you've basically got these forums here to see just who's going to be pissed off by what you plan to do, right?  Have you seen a positive message, yet?  No? My..that's a shame.  Maybe you should do the right thing instead of giving your bedfellows some extra grip on the marketplace.  Alternate registrars were created due to a monopoly that NSI had on the domain registration market, and you're not likely to be allowed to do anything to re-establish such a monopoly under a different name/figurehead.  If the government doesn't stop you, I know plenty of unscrupulous activists who wouldn't stuffing it to "the man" by employing any number of ways to completely eliminate your (and VeriSign's) effectiveness or viability in this venture.        

And on a less fanatical note:

Plain and simple, the internet is a business.  From the biggest websites down to the crimps on the cables plugged into the routers that connect the backbones that allow everyone to slurp in the splendor that is "distributed information".  You're talking about running a businesss by the rules of the United States - have you thought about what it would mean to take an effectively dissolved monopoly and re-create it?  If the donkeys don't get you, the elephants will.  The only possible reason for wanting to put such a plan into action is to increase profits for VeriSign - well guess what:  time and time again the world economies have shown that competition means more profit for everyone.  Are you THAT blind?  

It's like the commercial might know the one..With the janitor scraping some random dotcom's name off a glass door..I believe the line is something to the effect of how you run your e-business being at least if not more important than the business itself.  If you do this, you're going to piss a lot of people off.  If you piss people off, you're likely to notice a swift decline in the number of .com/.net registrations and a proportionate increase in registrations at .cc/.tv and the various other new TLDs around.  What you're talking about doing is just plain STUPID.  Can't you see that?

Ok...that's more than my 93 cents worth, so I'll cut myself short.

But for the sake of the 'net.....THINK!



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