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Username: dagoski
Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 6:35 PM GMT
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Subject: Questions About .org


      Given that .org has become a catchall for any entity that is neither a for profit company, network service provider, government, or educational institution, what will happen to the holders of names in this domain?  Will there be new domains for use?  I'm worried because this may have serious implications for the free speech of individuals.  The .org domain has allowed nearly anyone to set up web sites and has provided important forums advocacy and critiscism.  True, individuals may apply for .com and .net names, but as the proposal pointed out, the growth of the .com registry has led to performance pressures necessitating more stringent standards for name appplications.  Furthermore, as Verisign retains the right to run the .com domain there is a danger that Verisign may become a censor, limiting access of those entities who do not have the company's favor.  Until such time as there viable alternatives for individuals and groups, I would encourage you to let .org remain free and open.


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