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Username: dannewcombe
Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 6:45 PM GMT
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Subject: NSI needs to be FAR removed from the database


On Dec 4, 2000 the domain expired.  I was going to purchase this for my sister.  Up until around Feb 18th or so, a whois would return that this domain was till taken, several months after it expired. 

Around Feb 18th, whois gave a crytpic error about how the domain record was out-of-sync or something like that.  Regardless, I still could not register it.

Then all of a sudden on Feb 23rd, it was registered by someone else.

NSI says on their pages about how if a domain expires, it may take some time before it can be purchased again due to their system.

I say bullshit.  If they did not control the database, they could not hold onto domains like this.  There should be something centralized that at the end of the day that the domain expires, it is up for grabs again.

If ICANN can not see that by letting NSI keep the keys to the bank that the money is not safe, then they are just as useless as everyone suspects.  Either that or my mention of money above is not too far off from some truth!


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