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Username: topher
Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 6:55 PM GMT
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Subject: Changing .org registration would cause many problems.


Changing the way the .org TLD is handled would be a horrible idea.

First of all, as has been pointed out by numerous others, this goes directly against the original intent, as outlined in RFC 1591. 

Additionally, .org has become a favorite domain for personal use recently.  Due to to the saturation of the .com TLD, as well as the desire for a non-commercially oriented web presence, many people have turned to .org.

Lastly, the recent boom in "Open Source" software and "Free Software", and related Internet organizatioins, has caused great interest in the .org TLD.  Many people want it clear that their project is not affiliated with a commercial entity.  Taking this away from them would be a vicious attack on the internet and software community at large.


Link: RFC 1591

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