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Username: cr0sh
Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 7:03 PM GMT
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Subject: Too late for .ORG


        I currently run a .org site, which is currently up for renewal. I also have the .net and .com versions of the name as well. Since all three were applied for at the same time, all three are up for renewal. I was going to drop the .com and .net (because I don't really need them - I shouldn't have registered them in the first place), and concentrate on the .org - now I am unsure what to do. I will probably re-register all three again. I am forced to do that by the speculation being done by ICANN regarding domains, just to protect my interests in keeping the name of my site. In the end, I wonder if I will simply lose all three (I am not a non-profit, I am not a commercial entity, and I am not an ISP or such - so where would my non-commercial site fit?)...

At one time, I would have supported the idea of "enforcing" the domain policies - but that time is over. The .org domain has come to mean more than "a registered non-profit". It is typically used by personal sites not out to make money, or sites supporting open/free discussion or exchange of ideas and code. These sites are not typically registered non-profits. To make matters worse - what domain would these sites then go under, anyhow? The .com domain isn't right, and .net is out - so what then? Plus, it would cause a lot of confusion as to what is a commercial site vs. a non-commercial site.

I guess this is what .org has come to mean; "non-commercial" instead of "non-profit". Allow for groups of both to use it. There is no need to change it: Doing so would only cause problems.


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