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Username: SirGeek
Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 7:21 PM GMT (Thu, March 1, 2001 at 2:21 PM EST)
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Subject: What are you thinking?


                First off, to put *anything* into the hands of Verisign/Netsol is the *worst* idea in the world. The ineptitude of Netsol to get anything done in under 2 weeks is widely known and their customer service is next to nil. Then add on their lovely tendencies to sell your data to every scumbag spammer and direct mailer under the sun. Add to that their "hijaacking" of unpaid domains with the intent to auction them off to the highest bidder instead of returning them to the pool of available names like they were supposed to. It adds up to one really *bad* idea to give them control over *anything*.

Secondly, as has been stated in this forum many times already, to change the rules on .org domains retroactively is unfair. What are those of us who run sites that are not for profit (no ads or any other form of profit making ventures involved, thing such as family websites or gaming group websites) supposed to use for our TLD? We're not commercial sites so, no .com (besides which almost all useful .com addresses are already taken). We're not networks, so no .net domains.
From the very beginning the .org domain was expected to be used for those of us that didn't fall into the other categories (per RFC1591, so why change it now? People already have come to understand that a .org domain isn't necessarily a non-profit outfit, so why change things and confuse the general public. As someone else suggested, if you want a TLD solely for non-profits, then create a new one for them!     


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