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Username: Tjp
Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 7:23 PM GMT
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Subject: Don't forget the users


      We often set up the .org of our domains for user groups to use. In the majority of cases, those user groups are either too small or disparate to be incorporated as non-profit organizations.

In addition many people would protect their Trademarks from being used as .org domains in any case through the legal process.

Some jurisdictions don't have the concept of non-profit corporations. You would deny those people the ability to register .org domains completely. In the jurisdictions that do, you force increased costs (and it is not a small cost to incorporate an NPO and deal with the governmental redtape, fileing requirements and reporting requirements, and in some cases just opens the door to having a small organization then comply with regulatory structures meant for "real" organizations.

Think what a burden this would be for every model railroad club, bridge club, student organization, etc. to file with the government of their locale in order to qualify for a .org domain. This amounts to censorship and undue restraint on the free communications the Internet enables.

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