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Username: Tjp
Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 7:38 PM GMT
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Subject: re: A new TLD (a free suggestion of one)


      I hate being English language centric, but how about creating .NPO for non-profit organizations.

You could then further filter it as country specific by a litmus test for "global" NPO status (presence as a "licensed" NPO in more than some arbitray small number (say 3) of governmental jurisdictions or presence solely outside governmental jurisdictions to be xxx.NPO, else you could create things the ISO country code secondary domains like .US.NPO, .GB.NPO, etc. and restrict the target country from selling their secondary domains rights like .TV and .MD did...

So we'd get things like REDCROSS.NPO or WHO.NPO and then others like NAACP.US.NPO, etc. Presence of an existing XXX.NPO should preclude registration of a XXX.iso country code.NPO domain to limit confusion. The previous rule should be able to be waived by the XXX.NPO domain holder under some administrative procedure at the "global" level.

If the root servers are updated from the trustee of the global registry database, then abuses are easy to rectify. So country registrars feed the global registry database controlled in trust by the global organization.

Pretty simple solution. No impact on current users. The didn't propose restricting .com in the last round, they proposed creating .biz, etc... Same logic applies here.

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