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Username: pilot6
Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 7:46 PM GMT
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Subject: ICANN Now Says Registrar-Registry Combo OK, But Rejected IOD For That Reason Back In November!


   If I'm not mistaken, is ICANN now stating that it is okay for a registrar to also be the registry?

Here's the applicable portion:

"For all these reasons, when ICANN and Verisign began to discuss VeriSign's plans to divest itself of its registrar business so as to qualify for the automatic four-year extension to operate the .com/.net/.org registries, it quickly became apparent that the importance and value of the separation of ownership of VeriSign's registry and registrar businesses to ICANN and the community had diminished quite significantly over the 15 months since the original registry agreement was signed. While VeriSign might well wish to retain its registrar business, the fact that separation of ownership will automatically extend its ability to operate the .com/.net/.org registries for an additional four years is a powerful incentive to cause that separation to happen. On the other hand, that ownership separation is clearly not as valuable to the community or ICANN under today's market conditions as it appeared it would be at the time the agreement was signed."

Back in November, I remember Kraaijenbrink vehemently opposed to IOD operating as registrar and registry.  It seems that "market conditions" have changed that criteria.  Yes?


Link: ICANN/Verisign New Agreement

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