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Username: Hunter Rose
Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 7:49 PM GMT
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Subject: Furthermore on .org


I don't think that bonovox is anywhere near alone on this.  There are a fair
number of groups that are not technically "non-profit organizations" because
they are not in any way an official organization.  If .org is taken away from
these informal groups, there is nowhere to put such groups.  They wouldn't
qualify for .name, unless they were willing to go under one person's name. 
They wouldn't qualify for .com because they're not commercial.  In a sense,
these restrictions would be punishing those groups that *tried* to follow the
original restrictions by not registering .com for a non-commercial group of
people.    There would be no appropriate TLD for groups such as bonvoxorg
and I have.

The implications of requiring that all groups either be individual people or
commercial agencies or *registered* non-profits seems abominable.  I
suppose that since my group tries to provide information about several
academic (literary) subjects, we could 'seek asylum' in .info, but that's far less
appropriate for our group than .org.

I do not support placing restrictions any tighter than the original intend upon


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