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Username: anthony 2nd
Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 8:08 PM GMT
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Subject: Hi again folks!


What are ICANN up to now??

Its almost as if there were some laywer within ICANN that was actually trying to drum up business!

After the whole insider dealing / conflicts of interest scam failed to ignight they blocked IOD, and then even went on to sell .biz which wasn't theirs to sell.

Then they registered a further six TLDs and in the interests of increasing competition they gave the best one to the established monopoly and made sure that all of the good ones were linked with individuals at ICANN itself.

To ensure that this process went smoothly they changed their own bylaws to allow unelected members to veto the opinions of the elected members.

Now, whats better than to actually undermine the business interestes of several billion internet users by re-writing the terms under which they are registered.

Verisign gives money to ICANN. ICANN makes vastly controversial decisions that mostly benefit Verisign.

Huge numbers of people draw up litigation plans.

ICANN has to employ the services of a law firm, paying them handsomely for their work.

Who benefits now?   


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