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Username: radioradio
Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 8:31 PM GMT
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Subject: Reconsidering the deal.


        Please rethink the deal you are allowing.  Verisign should be forced to release the '.com' registry as had previously been planned (the same with .net).  This valuable resource should not be allowed to be held by one company.  The competition is increasing in this aspect of the internet, but ultimately the market should be leveled a bit to begin from scratch and not concede the headstart NetSol/Verisign already has.

The '.org' discussion is kind of close to my heart.  I understand that allocation should have been a bit more stringent (like using the requirements for aquiring a '.edu'), but since it was never implemented this way the existing sites should, at minimum, be grandfathered.  I'd be pretty damn upset if my home base of ( had to actually file non profit status to continue existing.  Then again, the users of GLOOM.ORG might make a fine church....

-Virgil Porter


Link: is a real place.

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