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Username: Arian
Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 8:39 PM GMT
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Subject: .org changes and effects on small organizations.


> Think what a burden this would be for every model railroad club,
> bridge club, student organization, etc. to file with the government
> of their locale in order to qualify for a .org domain. This amounts
> to censorship and undue restraint on the free communications the
> Internet enables.

You clearly stated the problem, sir, the small group and individuals are once again frozen out in favor of bigger, better financed groups.

I run two websites for a free online game (MU*) and have paid to register one of the two .org domains for the game.   We charge no money, we provide a free service to users out of our own pockets (or via donated hosting by the staff members and friends) when it comes to bandwidth, domain registrations and servers...yet under the ICANN proposal we get to lose domain names merely because we aren't a corporation.   Why require this added expense?  Why drive the voices of non-corporate netizens into silence?    I urge all ICANN members to revise this proposal or do the right thing for small groups and vote NO.


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