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Username: kst
Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 8:59 PM GMT
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Subject: Grandfathering existing .orgs is not sufficient


Some people here have suggested grandfathering existing .org
domains while imposing new restrictions on new registrations.
This is not sufficient.  The *original* purpose of the .org
TLD, as clearly stated in RFC 1591, is to be "the miscellaneous
TLD for organizations that didn't fit anywhere else".  It is
on this basis that I have registered (and paid for!) a .org
domain name for my personal use,  Changing the the
requirements now is unacceptable.  There is no other TLD that
serves the purpose of .org.

Some have suggested that .web or .name would be the appropriate
TLD for personal domains.  I would not want to use .web for my
own personal domain.  The web is only one part of the Internet.
Though I'm not yet actively using, I intend to use
it for web, e-mail, ftp, ssh, and other services.  As for
.name, is the name of a personal organization, not
a personal name ( and were already taken).

Some have suggested that .org should be restricted to
organizations that are not intended to be profitable, not
necessarily legally recognized "non-profit" or "not-for-profit"
organizations.  There is no such restriction implied in RFC
1591.  If I some day decide to do business as a consultant
on a small scale, I should be able to use for this
purpose.  If I set up a larger scale consulting business,
I should probably set up a .com domain, but small-scale use
for profit should not disqualify me from using .org.


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