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Username: cgrady
Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 9:36 PM GMT
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Subject: Leave .ORG alone - Establish .NPO instead !


I can hardly believe that you are actually considering returning .ORG to its "originally intended" purpose when the originally intended purpose was abandoned perhaps a decade ago. There are currently 2,622,794 .ORG domain names registered. LEAVE .ORG ALONE!! .ORG has taken on a life and meaning of it's own in response to the .COM monopoly/cartel.

Start from scratch and do it right this time by using another TLD such as .NPO for (Non-Profit Organization) or simply .NP

I can only imagine that the meaning of  "return .ORG to it's originally intended purpose" means taking .org domains away from millions of owners who do not qualify for 501c status.

Do you realize the costs that will be inflicted upon these entities? Do you care? After all, many were forced to purchase .ORG domains because of the artificial scarcity inflicted by the current .COM cartel/monopoly situation?

Many of these organizations have struggled to build brand awareness around a .ORG domain name over the years. I can hardly believe that not a single person at ICANN is considering the results of these actions. I see no reference to the rights of existing .ORG domain name owners.

ICANN voiced concerns about .WEB confusing users as well as issues of internet stability and usability during the TLD application process, yet taking away domain names from millions of organizations who don't qualify as 501c years after they have registered their .org domain is considered a feasible option?

I'm posting this with the smallest shred of hope that I have completely misread or misunderstood the documentation and the meaning between the lines.

Chris Grady


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