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Username: A. Moulden
Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 10:02 PM GMT
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Subject: Management by chaos. Congratulations, ICANN.


                It is revealing to note that no restriction on .org registration is included in the proposed registry agreement, which contains no reference to an Appendix L (Registration Restrictions) - in stark contrast to the agreement for the new gTLDs (section 3.82 at

However, the document at and, described by VeriSign ( simply as a "summary" of the proposed agreements, mentions "a global registry for the specific use of non-profit organizations" and "the return of the .org registry to its original intended use".

Media reporting today seems to take the story even further away from the published proposed agreement.

Wall Street Journal / ZDNet:,4586,2691370,00.html
"ICANN indicated that it wants "org" Web addresses reserved only for nonprofit organizations "after some appropriate transition period," a restriction that hasn't been enforced in recent years. Details haven't been worked out, though one ICANN official suggested that current "org" Web sites may be allowed to continue regardless of their affiliation with nonprofits."

I have no doubt that this ICANN official's comments are not displayed on this website. Today's tactics have been utterly shabby. But, mission accomplished: I can draw no definitive conclusions as to what is intended and as a result this forum will drift from theory to theory. Management by chaos. Congratulations, ICANN.

Andrew Moulden


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