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Username: dang253
Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 10:15 PM GMT
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Score: 5
Subject: I must agree


      I also recently registered a .org domain because the website I am running is not a commercial website.  Nor is it a business.  Its a community website that is free, with out advertisement, without compensation.  Its run absoulutely free.  I don't think I could get a non-profit org license, let alone spend the time to do so.

I think it would be a mistake requireing people to prove that they are a non-profit org, especially in a case like mine.

Please reconsider.

Also, PLEASE PLEASE do not give permanent control of any kind to Network Solutions!!  They do not run efficiently!  I have a domain that expired over a year ago and they still have not deleted it from their dn database!!!  Its unexceptable!  I have heard of other complaints as well along the same regard.

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